Don't Dump it Yourself - Rent a Dumpster

Reasons To Rent A Dumpster From Express and Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

rent roll off at express

Got debris?  We all do.  Maybe even some of us have a pick up truck and a free weekend to dispose of our unwated junk or hurricane leftovers.  It seems like a good idea to fill up the back of our truck with our waste and take it to the local landfill.  How hard can it be?  And if landscape debis isn't mixed in with our load it's free of charge to dispose of our cleanout items right?  What would you need a roll off dumpster for when you have to load it yourself anyway?  


Since Express Roll Off deals with other people's garbage all day, we'll walk you through a typical scenario at the dump and we're sure you'll change your mind.  Outlined below are just a few reasons you may opt out of taking a road trip to the local dump, whether it be the Cocoa landfill or the Sarno landfill.  


  • The smell
  • The lines
  • The nails
  • The birds
  • Unloading the debris
  • Getting stuck in the mud
  • Tarping your load
  • Express offers free pick up and delivery
  • Tetanus shot
  • Risk of injury
  • Travel time