15 Yard Roll Off Dumpster

Roll Off Dumpster Prices - 15 Yard Dumpster Rental

Included: 7, 10, or 14 Day Rental Period, Free Delivery & Pickup

10 Yard Dumpsters

Our ​most Popular Sized Roll Off Container by far and the best deal. It fits approximately 4 1/2 pick up truck loads of debris.​  This trash bin is Perfect for mid-sized home renovations, such as: roofing, concrete removal, DIY projects, moving, garage clean outs, furniture removal, land scape clean ups, and more.  This size is favored by both contractors and home owners alike.


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Roll Off Dumpster Prices - Concrete dumpster 

- most popular dumpster size - concrete dumpster rental - 15 yard roll off dumpster - this dumpster size is used by most contractors and home owners alike 15 Yard.

Dumpster Rental

Are you searching for cheap dumpster rental prices? Renting our most popular sized rolloff is the best deal (from $16./day based on a 2 week rental term). 80% of our customers that rent the 10 yard roll off container, actually need to rent a second dumpster. Most people (homeowners and contractors alike) have more debris than they anticipate. This mistake can end up costing you $150 more than if you were to have rented the next size up - our 15 cubic yard dumpster.

15 yard dumpster dimensions - 16.5’L x 8’W x 5’H 

The 15 yard roll off dumpster size is the most popular size container we rent by far, and it is the best deal economically. The 15 yard dumpster holds approximately 4 1/2 pick up truck loads of debris. This garbage bin is ideal for mid-sized home renovations, such as: roofing, concrete removal, DIY projects, moving, garage cleanouts, furniture removal, landscape clean ups, and more.

WM does not carry a steel 15 yard dumpster. Waste Management promotes the bagstir for the disposal of residential household cleanouts, do it yourself construction or small home renovation projects. The canvas bag dumpster (although readily available online and through the big box home improvement stores) does have other costs besides the $30 retail purchase attached to it. The cost for Bagstir pick up is $169. plus taxes and local fees. In addition, you will have to either transport your materials to where the bag needs to be picked up (curbside for WM hook-lift truck). Or you will have to lift the full canvas bag dumpster once you have filled it. Our 15 yard dumpster’s weekly rental term costs relatively same rate. But our steel dumpsters are is more sturdy than the bagstir, a 15 yard roll off fits five and half times more debris, and it is sturdier than a disposable bag dumpster.

The majority of home owners have never rented a dumpster before and are not as familiar with which materials are prohibited and cannot be disposed of in the container. Liquids, chemicals, most appliances, tires, glass (including light bulbs), televisions, computer monitors, paint cans (unless completely dried), oil filters, Air conditioning units, batteries, gasoline, chlorine, propane tanks, oil, hazmat,
asbestos, and cleaning agents
are all materials that cannot be disposed of in the roll off.

Some commercial locations may be subject to dump fees. Certain acceptable materials, such as: pressure treated wood, food trash, and landscape debris all have add on charges as well. Before calling and reserving your container, learn how to lower your 15 yard dumpster rental cost here. At Express Rolloff dumpsters, we offer flexible rental terms to fit every budget (we offer 7, 10, and 14 day rental durations) and we have a variety of different size roll off containers to accommodate both large and small scale projects. Express is a locally owned and operated rolloff service. We do not sub-contract your work to the carrier costing you hundreds of dollars more. We believe in honest, fully disclosed prices upfront, and vow to treat you and your property the way it/you deserve to be treated - with respect. Call Express today to schedule your low cost dumpster rental.

Each municipality has its own rules that govern the local landfills. These rules slightly vary by county and city. And affect what can and cannot be dumped, and the two local landfills have their own set of up-charges. “Are there any additional charges besides the cost of the rental?” Additional Charges Involved with Renting Dumpster and How to Avoid Them : What you put into the roll off matters. Remember rules below and more than likely you’ll only pay our low, flat, container rental rate. Is your job or project at a commercial or government building and/or are you building a brand new structure (new construction)? All new construction job sites - a new structure is being built (whether it is commercial or residential) in Brevard County are charged an disposal rate of $23.66/ton. If you’re a contracting company, you may wish to call us and opt for an all-inclusive rate for this. This municipal rate (applies to both the Sarno or Cocoa dump). Our landfill account is charged, then we pass the dump fees on to you (the contractor or homeowner). Express Roll Off only charges our customers the actual amount per ton being disposed of (we do not profit on this). ‘Commercial Renovation or Government Projects’ - are also charged $23.66/ton disposal in addition to the container rental rate. Again, please call us for a free dumpster quote if you’re interested in a  flat rate for this service. 


Do you Need a ’Yard Can’ for your business (commercial location)? 

If you’re disposing of weekly debris at your business address, you may wish to rent a trash container for repeat commercial-use. Certain classifications of businesses may be subject to solid waste billable charges. As per your commercial address - the rate for this type of disposal is $29.50/ton. Express only charges for the actual tonnage costs incurred of what your business incurs. If your business falls into the ‘Solid Waste Billable’ category call us to see about an all inclusive rate for your rental. Are you Disposing pressure treated wood and/or food trash? PT (Pressure treated wood) includes: fencing, wood siding, wood decking, boards, 2 x 4s, etc.). Food trash, like PT can only be disposed of at the Cocoa landfall. We charge a one-time extra fee for this - principally for the nails, additional travel, and for the condition of this landfill versus the Sarno transfer station. 



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15 yard dumpster rental - Express Rolloff Dumpsters

 Are you disposing of any vegetative waste?

 If your load only consists of landscape debris (with the absence of household junk or construction debris) in the dumpster, no additional charges will apply. However, if landscaping debris is mixed in with the other aforementioned items, the landfill considers this a mixed load, and the $41/ton “staff assisted” rate applies.

What does the county consider vegetative debris? leaves, branches, palm fronds, tree trunks, and mulch, weeds, pond plants, shrubs, and sticks. What does not qualify as vegetative debris?
Dirt, stones, rocks, or pavers do not qualify as “landscape waste”.

Why does Brevard county charge for this? The landfill workers manually separate these materials (in order to save room at the landfill). Then the local dump mulches the landscape debris and recycles it.

* Caution - all wood isn’t created equal - sticks and PT mixed together = a mixed load. and are subject to “staff assisted” charges - $41/ton additional *

* Rubber mulch is prohibited, since it’s composed of tires and cannot be disposed of*

Where can I have the roll off placed?

This depends on the job site or property layout. We recommend placing the trash container in your driveway or on the grass. We cannot place the roll off in the road, inside garages, in backyards, over sprinkler systems, water manes, unpaved driveways/dirt roads where our dumpster trucks may get stuck, or under overhanging utility lines and/or tree branches where the boom (lifts up) of our truck cannot extend (our trucks have a trailer that lifts approximately 30 feet into the air when lifting the dumpster).

Do you have heavy materials to dispose of, such as: concrete, dirt, or roof shingles?

The largest size dumpster we use for this is our 15 yard dumpster only filled 3/4 full. Our rolloff trucks utilize hydraulic systems that can break down when they are overloaded. When you have a heavy load, please abide by our policies, otherwise we may be unable to pick up your load (until some of the contents are emptied out by the renter).

Do you have a brick paver driveway you wish to protect?

Please notify our dispatch team when you call to reserve your rental about protecting your driveway. Our team will instruct your driver to put wood down for you. We recommend purchasing 2 pieces of plywood before having your bin delivered (measuring 1” wide x 4’ Long).

Blocked Containers - Gate Codes - Locks - Cancellations - Delays - Overfilled Cans

If we cannot gain access your property or job site during pick up or drop off of the trash bin, we have wasted a trip. Situations where gate key codes are not conveyed to our dispatch team, the waste bin is blocked by vehicles/equipment, a job site’s gates are pad-locked, or if you need to reschedule your drop off or pick up date and fail to convey this to us - any of the above scenarios result in “wasted trips”. Travel fees will be added to compensate for lost time - “trip fee”. Please be courteous and communicate the aforementioned factors to us. This way we can ensure our driver has access to drop off or pick up the container without delays and/or a trip fee.

We are required by DOT (Department of Transportation) law to tarp all of our loads when we pick up your dumpster and transport it. If you fill the rolloff above the fill line (lip of dumpster/or yellow line) we cannot safely transport your debris. We will either charge a fee for the overfilling the dumpster or charge a wasted trip fee for our inability to safely transport the bin. Our loads must be covered (by law) in order to secure any debris from flying out. Otherwise, we could cause injury to others on the roads during transport.

How much lead time is needed for drop off an pick up?

To ensure delivery during the time frame and date that is deal for you, please allow 1-2 days lead time for both drop off and pick up of your rental. Booking too far out in advance may not be ideal, due to unforeseen circumstances, neither is waiting until the last minute.

What are you hours of operation?

We are conveniently open six days per week (Monday - Friday 7 Am - 7:30 Pm, and on Saturdays from 9 Am - 5 Pm).

* Home owner tip -Schedule a late afternoon or evening delivery, since our contractors tend to reserve the morning delivery time slots. *

 What if you need another dumpster (your dumpster is full), but you have more to dispose of?

Call or text us if you need a second container or swap out (also known as a dumpster switch out or a dumpster return). Many times we can accommodate same or next day service with both switch outs and dump returns. Please remember that the billing cycle will start over again once your original rental has been dumped.

How does pick up work? Do you come automatically or should you call?

It is best to call us when you are finished with filling the dumpster. Please allow us 1-2 days lead time when picking up your roll off. If you finish with the bin early (before your rental term is over) and you want the roll off out of your way, please call us and schedule your pick up.

How can reach Express Roll Off Dumpsters?

Call Express at 321-253-1080, text us 321-591-9559, or email us at info@cocoadumpsters.com

 How can you maximize room (space) inside of the dumpster?

The most efficient way to load the bin is to load everything evenly (dispersed the contents evenly). There are often air holes/pockets where there is empty space inside of dumpster. Moving the contents around within the rolloff can help you maximize what will fit into the bin. Stack the contents into the roll off like you would a Jenga puzzle (without overloading above the fill line). Remember only to load heavy contents - 3/4 full. The doors to our bins open (dumpsters with walk in option) - please ask our driver upon delivery to open the door to the dumpster for you.

 What is a C&D load?

C&D stands for construction and demolition debris - this is often referred to as contractor job site contents disposed of in a dumpster.

Is there a rental agreement for me to review?

Express offers a roll off rental agreement for our clients where all of our policies, hours, up-charges, dump fees, etc. All of which can be referenced (click here to view our rental agreement).

How can you be sure a company is licensed and insured?

You can ask for proof of insurance (this is usually done by large contracting companies)- the insurance carrier then provides the customer with the pertinent information - liability, collision, and property insurance coverage. Our insurance company emails all of this to the commercial customer.

Does Express offer bulk discounts?

Volume discounts are available on a case by case basis. They are offered after a contractor does a significant amount of business with us, and/or requires a bid on an agreed upon frequency of pulls, payment terms, etc.

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Other miscellaneous dumpster rental tips:

  • Beware of “cheap fly by night companies” they may not be licensed or insured - if damage occurs to your property, you will end up stuck paying for repairs.
  • Read ratings and reviews - and check out who is a legitimate, local business
  • Avoid toll-free numbers or companies that have a huge service area - these are middle men- AKA waste brokers - they don’t own dumpsters. They simply arrange your sale with actual carriers (like us) but charge you, the customer $100s more.
  • Caution on the cheapest price - these companies may hit your credit card with numerous undisclosed add ons later, or provide terrible service (ex. your container may sit on your property for weeks without being removed).


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