Don't Dump it Yourself - Rent a Dumpster

Reasons To Rent A Dumpster From Express and Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

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Got debris?  We all do.  Maybe even some of us have a pick up truck and a free weekend to dispose of our unwated junk or hurricane leftovers.  It seems like a good idea to fill up the back of our truck with our waste and take it to the local landfill.  How hard can it be?  And if landscape debis isn't mixed in with our load it's free of charge to dispose of our cleanout items right?  What would you need a roll off dumpster for when you have to load it yourself anyway?  


Since Express Roll Off deals with other people's garbage all day, we'll walk you through a typical scenario at the dump and we're sure you'll change your mind.  Outlined below are just a few reasons you may opt out of taking a road trip to the local dump, whether it be the Cocoa landfill or the Sarno landfill.  


  • The smell
  • The lines
  • The nails
  • The birds
  • Unloading the debris
  • Getting stuck in the mud
  • Tarping your load
  • Express offers free pick up and delivery
  • Tetanus shot
  • Risk of injury
  • Travel time


Our list outlines the reasons you may wish to forego a trip to the local dump, but we want to walk you through our experiences anyway.  Since hurricane Irma, the local landfills have been open extended hours and days (even Sunday).  This is obviously due to significant amount of debris left over from the hurricane.  Maybe your yard is already debris free, but you plan on cleaning out your garage.  Once you fill the bed of your truck with boxes of junk or old furniture, make sure you tarp your load.  Otherwise you can get fined by the DOT, or you run the risk or harming others if any of the contents in your vehicle sail out of onto the road. 

local landfill

The lines at both local dumps are long.  Plan on waiting in them if you insist on dumping your waste yourself.  Along with the tedious wait, you'll get hit with the smell.  After all, it is a dump not a florist.  The Sarno landfill doesn't smell nearly as bad as the Cocoa landfill.  Because Cocoa also handles food trash.  Sarno still has an underlying scent of sewage which is enough to turn most people's stomaches.  At the Cocoa dump you'll also encounter seagulls and vultures.  They will defecate on your vehicle and drive you mad while you dispose of your unwanted items. 

After you're asked for your address, you must make sure you don't have any tree branches, sticks, leaves, palm fronds, or vegetative matter mixed in with your load of debris.  Otherwise you will either be charged $41/ton mixed load fee (since the dump wants to mulch your landscape debris) or you'll be turned around after waiting in that lengthy line. We're not sure how single load billing is applied to residents, since we have an account and the dump, and we receive a monthly billing statement charging us for what was disposed of. 

If your load is acceptable, you must get out of your vehicle and unload all of the contents in the back of your pickup truck or trailer by hand.  Be sure to bring gloves with you.  When you're walking around the dump, you run the risk of stepping on sharp objects, such as roofing nails.  The owner of Express stepped on a rusty roofing nail last week.  It went straight through the bridge of his foot, which hurt quite a bit.  He had to go to a walk in clinic afterwards, get an x-ray, tetanus shot, and be placed on two prescriptions of powerful antibiotics intended to treat puncture wounds.  The side affects of these powerful antibiotics is scary.  But it's better than running the risk of getting a bone infection from a loose sliver of rusted metal lodged internally.  

If you're lucky enough not to step on a nail or other sharp object, that doesn't mean it won't find its way into your tires.  Replacing, patching or plugging a tire is not only inconvenient, but can be expensive depending on the brand.  Many roofers rent dumpsters from us simply for this reason alone.  They've told us it's not worth the time or money to run the risk of ruining a tire, so they contract us out instead.  Whether it's a truck tire, trailer tire, or car tire (and you've placed items in your trunk) - the nails are everywhere and they don't discriminate. 


If it has just rained, like it has been lately, you also run the risk of getting stuck in the mud at the dump.  It doesn't matter what you're driving, even our heavy roll off trucks have gotten stuck at the landfill.  If this is the case, you have to push your vehicle out of the mud or wait for one of the solid waste authority workers to assist you with this. Aside from all of the primary downsides to dumping your debris yourself, there's also the travel factor.  If you live in Palm Bay, Malabar, or Grant travelling to even the Sarno dump is quite time consuming and will cost you a pretty penny in gas, since you won't get good gas mileage hauling heavier loads.  

In conclusion, it's much easier to have a roll off delivered to your property or job site, fill the container up yourself, and call Express to haul your waste removal away.  We deal with waste removal six days per week (7 post Irma).  We're licensed and insured and will treat you and your property with respect. It's just not worth it to deal with the obstacles of:  travel, tarping, waiting in line, scavengers, nails, injuries, getting stuck, the smell, or anything else that goes with a trip to the dump. If you're still not convinced, visit either local dump, or the one for just residents of Titusville, and you'll see what we mean.  Remember Express offers free dumpster delivery and pick up and our rental prices start at just $14.66/day (based on a two week rental term).  Express Roll Off makes renting dumpsters fast and easy. 321-253-1080



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