101 Reasons to Rent a Roll Off - Express Roll Off Dumpsters Brevard County Fl

101 Reasons to Rent a Roll Off from Express Roll Off Dumpsters Brevard Fl

101 reasons to rent a roll off brevard fl

Never thought you would need to rent a roll off dumpster, Express Dumpsters in Brevard County Florida gives you 101 reasons why renting rolloffs can help you out.


  1. 1. It's easy, you call 321-253-1080 and book your dumpster rental, we deliver, you fill it up, and lastly, you simply call for pick up of your container.

2. Express has 4 different roll off bin sizes to fit your particular project's needs : 10, 15, 20, and 30 yard dumpsters.

3. Our 10 yard dumpsters fit more than 3x the debris of a canvas bag dumpster for about $20 more.

4.  You're embarking on a garage clean out.  Express has the container size suitable for you.

5.  You're moving or just moved.  Along with a change in residence, comes lots of unwanted items, cardboard boxes, and waste in general.

6.  You're doing a bathroom remodel - with that comes debris- out with the old and in with the new - vanities, lighting, mirrors, tile, sinks, and more.

7.  You have saved and saved and are finally ready to afford the kitchen of your dreams - old

cabinets, counters, back splash, flooring - in the trash.

8.     You're repairing or replacing your old roof (re-roof) and need a rolloff contianer for your old roofing shingles and underlying wood.

9.     You're replacing your old concrete driveway with pavers and need base material (also known as fines) delivered to your home.

10.    It's time to clean out the junk you and the family have accumulated in the attic. 

11.    The shed is screaming for a clean out.  It's like a Jenga tower in there, just waiting to topple down on someone.

12.    Express Roll Off dumpsters is a veteran-owned dumpster rental service.  Contracting for dumpster rental through us is patriotic.

13.    Express Roll-Off is a licensed and insured corperation.

14.    Our drivers have impeccable safety records - we do not hire anyone with driving infractions.

15.    Express Hauling has been awarded best in Rubbish and Garbage Removal and Containers in Melbourne for three consecutive years in a row (2015, 2016, and 2017).

16.    Our dispatch team will help you choose the correct container size for your waste removal needs and answer any questions you may have regarding your rental.

17.    Express Roll-Off Services all cities located within Brevard County Florida - Palm Bay, Melbourne, Titusville, Merritt Island, Rockledge, Viera, West Melbourne, Lake Washington, Suntree, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Malabar, Indialantic, Melbourne Beach, Palm Shores, Mims, Port Saint John, Grant, and Sebastian.

18.    Express gives volume discounts to contractors that frequently rent dumpsters from us.

19.    You purchased new furnishings and need to dispose of old furniture - time to rent a roll off.

20.    You've boldly begun a DIY home improvement project and require a bin for disposal of the old construction debris.

21.    You are tearing down the old fence outside, and replacing it with new fencing.

22.    You're replacing the aged insullation in your attic with new, energy-efficient blown insullation.  Have Express's containers help you dispose of the mess.

23.    You're re-doing your landscaping and replacing old sod, trees, and mulch with a more updated look.

24.    You have torn out old concrete from your driveway, walk way, or pool deck and need to dispose of it.

25.    You're a contractor and just landed a new construction project in Brevard county.

26.    Express has long hours to suit your reisdential and construction debris disposal needs.  We're open six days a week : Monday through Friday 7AM - 7:30 PM and 9AM - 5PM on Saturday for the weekend warriors.

27.    Express dumpsters offers same day, fast express service.  There's no need to wait around for a rolling dumpster.

28.    Your home is getting new soffit, so you have old rusted out pieces to throw away.

29.    There's no need to tarp your load when you rent dumpsters at Express (unlike with a pick up truck or trailer full of waste).

30.    You won't have to make multiple trips to the local landfill when using Express Hauling.

31.    Your rolloff will be picked up in the same timely fashion it was delivered (it's best to give us 1-2 days notice to get you on the pick up schedule).

32.    Express Roll Off gives back to the community, and donates dumpsters for non-profit groups such as: American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, the Brevard County Sherriff's Office, the Wounded Warrior project and more.  We believe in giving back to a community that shows our business so much support.

33.    Our web site conveys the sizes we rent, even showing the dimensions and uses of the various roll-off bins we offer.  We clearly display our phone numbers, hours, and contact information for your convenience.

34.    When using our steel dumpsters, you will not have to physically move your debris curbside like you would with the canvas bag dumpster.  WM can only pick up the bag dumpster if it is placed on the curb, so their hook lift truck can move it onto their roll off truck.

35.    Hablamos un poco de español, pero unos de nuestros empleados es bilingue.  

36.    Dumpsters are the perfect tool to aid in disposing of leaves, tree limbs, palm fronds, and other debris, while preparing for hurricane season - here in the Space Coast.

37.    Debris is ugly, nobody wants to look at it any longer than they have to - so throw it in a rolling dumpster and get rid of it.

38.    Express Roll-Off has five star ratings on Google my business, Facebook, YP, and Hometown Dumpsters.  What our customers say about us, is extremely important to the way we do business.

39.    Renting a roll off enables you to focus on the task at hand.  You'll be free to concentrate on the project you're doing, instead of having the inerruption of where to move piles of waste.

40.    You're replacing the gutters throughout your entire home and require a container to dispose of your unwanted sections of gutters.

41.    You're involved in a demolition job or DIY assignment.

42.    You have fire-damaged items to rid of.

43.    You're disposing of water damaged materials.

44.    Roll Offs come in handy if your neighborhood just had a yard sale and some of your items remain cluttering up your garage, even after the sale and donations.  You can even split the cost of the container with neighbors and have them contribute their unwanted items as well.

45.    You will need a dumpster if you're replacing sheets of drywall.

46.    You're tearing down your old dock and replacing it with a new one.

47.    Express Roll Off's container doors swing open for easy loading (there's no need to lift and load your rubbish over the side of our bins).

48.    All of the employees at Express have been background checked, and thoroughly screened before we employ our drivers.

49.    Express has low rental prices to best suit your junk hauling requirements.

50.    Our containers are perfect for events, gatherings, and the aftermath of both.  Whether it is a street party, fundraiser, commercial event, or local concert, Express Roll Off has a dumpster rental for you.

51.    Express Hauling's owners are local Chamber of Commerce members.

52.    We are a family-owned and operated local business.  The owner is a native of Brevard County and is familiar with the area - we're locals.

53.    After renting a dumpster and disposing of clutter, your property will regain its curb appeal.

54.    Express recycles - we recyle metal, concrete, and landscape debris.  Rest assured the majority of what you dump will not remain in the landfill.

55.    Our hauling services save you time.  Waiting in line at the dump can be time consuming depending on when you go.  Skip the trip and devote yourself to the task you started.

56.    If you have a pick up truck or trailer you may consider making a trip to the local landfill.  But pressure treated wood and food trash must be taken to the Cocoa location.  Not to mention, multiple trips may be needed to rid off all of your debris.

57.    The dump is filled with roofing nails, which can damage your tires.  Express has many contractors that see us as a cost-effective alternative to replacing truck and trailer tires.

58.    The smell of the dump is reason alone to rent a roll off.  Sarno smells like sewage, and Cocoa smells like rotten food.  Save your olfactory senses and allow Express to haul away your waste and make this trip for you.

59.    Avoid the possibilty of needing a Tetanus shot (which is only good for 10 years).  When you unload debris at the local landfill, you must get out and offload your materials, which increases your chances of a puncture wound (even with work boots on).

60.    Express's dumpster service includes free drop off and pick up of your container.  Your rental cycle doesn't begin again unless you need a switch out or dump return (an empty container is brought to you).  

61.    The Cocoa dump is heavily populated with seagulls and scavengers like vultures.  They will deficate all over your vehicle and drive you mad.

62.    Renting a rolloff for waste disposal can aid in keeping your crew productive, instead of tearing them away from a job in progress to make a trip to the dump.

63.    Express has upfont pricing.  We don't believe in surprise add-on charges.  Typically our homeowners and our contractors do not incur any additonal dump fees or travel fees when contracting a dumpster from us.  We provide our customers with a detailed dumpster rental agreement, conveying all our policies and charges.

64.    Our roll off rental prices are from only $14/day (based on a two-week rental term).

65.    Express offers 40% longer rental period than our competitors.  The typical rental term is 5-10 days.  You may think you won't need the dumpster for an entire two weeks, but "life happens" and you may.  If you do require a pick up before the term is over, give us a call or text us at 321-591-9559 and we will put you on the pick up schedule (1-2 days lead time is generally recommended).

66.    Your having your deck replaced.  Whether it's made of wood or concrete, you must have a place to put the aged decking.

67.    Filling up a dumpster is good exercise.  You won't have to worry about sweaty strangers in your house doing the junk removal for you.

68.    At Express, you'll talk to a real person.  We don't have an automated service directing your calls, transferring you to another department, and we won't put you on hold. 

69.    If you're price shopping for a bin to rent, fill out our no obligation web form, for an instant free rental quote.

70.    We all love our smartphones.  And many of us prefer to communicate via text message.  No problem, text Express at 321-591-9559, our text friendly number.

71.    We have 14 years of experience in the garbage business - entrust your waste removal needs to us.

72.    Express didn't choose it's name for being slow.  We offer a quick turn around time when it comes to dumpster delivery and pick up.

73.    WM stopped picking up junk and household items a little over a month ago in their contracts with Brevard's residential garbage service.

74.    You have a plumbing issue to address - it may be time to rent a dumpster.

75.    Express dumpsters cost roughly 1/2 of the price of WM charges.

76.    Having a roll off will enable you to undertake the Pinterest projects you've saved.

77.    Rubbish removal generally tends to make your wife happy.

78.    The kids are leaving for college and they've left some junk behind.

79.    Roll Off rental is perfect for couples and families that are downsizing and looking to dispose of unwanted objects.

80.    After clearing out your undesired clutter you'll be more organized.

81.    Under the sad circumstance you've had a death in the family - chances are... you may need a dumpster.

82.    At your commercial job site a roll off is necessary to keep job progress going.  Let Express haul away your construction debris - we try our absolute best to make your and your crew look like rock stars.

83.    You require a container for dirt or fill.

84.    If you rent a roll off, you won't need to borrow a pick up truck.

85.    You're replacing your flooring (whether it be wood, tile, or carpet) - Express has a container for these items.

86.    You've decided to install pavers.  Express goes to both DCI and Connors and hauls for you.

87.    You've made a real estate investment and need to paint, remove trash, and increase property value of home you just purchased - Express Roll Off is here for you.

88.    You're replacing your lanai or just plain old adding one.

89.    Your property has undergone wind damage from either a hurricane, tropical storm, or tornado.

90.    You're replacing your former screen enclosure - Express rents dumpsters for the aluminuum and the screen disposal.

91.    You're knocking out a wall and opening up your space ... a roll off is calling...

92.    Rent dumpsters for your hurricane Irma clean up.

93.    Express rents dumpsters for mold damage.

94.    Express bids on large development jobs where multiple dumpsters and pulls are needed.  Email us and ask for a commercial proposal today This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

95.    You're a property management group and need garbage removal.

96.    At Express we respect you and your property.  The customer care you'll recieve will more than demonstrate this to you.

97.    You're having electrical work done to your property.

98.    At Express, we're not brokers or middleman (a third party skimming off of the top of someone else's service provided).  Feel confident that you will not overpay for our roll off service.  

99.    Containers aid in disposing of wood damage (whether it's: siding, decking, or support beams, from wood destroying organisms like termites).

100.   Rolloffs hold more weight than other means of waste disposal methods.

101.   Our steel bathtub style containers are sturdy and will result in no debris left behind on your property.


There are plenty of reasons to rent roll-off dumpsters.  Now that we've outlined all of the potential uses of renting dumpsters, and why in particular you should choose Express to service you.... don't delay schedule your roll off today.  321-253-1080






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