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Holiday Dumpsters for Rent in Palm Bay at Express Roll Off Dumpsters

Holiday Dumpster Rental in Palm Bay Done Right at Express Roll-Off

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Do you have junk, debris, or projects after Christmas or Hanukkah awaiting your attention?  If you answered yes to any of the above scenarios, you probably need to rent a roll off dumpster.  
The holiday season is an enjoyable time.  Most of us spend time with family or friends, travel, rest up from our hectic work schedules (or from the stress this time of year inflicts on us).  After the gift giving has ended most of us find we have boxes, unwanted or broken items, and junk in general to dispose of.  Others, like me, have realized it is now late Decmeber, the new year is approaching and I must tend to the neglected home improvement projects around my house I have procrastinated.  Whatever the case may be, debris removal will probably play a role in your clean up efforts.  

Concrete Dumpster Rental at Express Roll Off - Palm Bay, Melbourne, Merritt Island & All of Brevard County Florida

Concrete Dumpster Rental Brevard County Fl is Less at Express Roll-Off

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Concrete roll off dumpster rental is the second most popular type of rental Express Roll Off offers to homeowners and contractors in Brevard county Florida.  Concrete dumpsters are used for masonry and asphalt projects, such as:  removing driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, side walks, pools, foundation and footings.  If you're in need of a dumpster for concrete disposal in Palm Bay, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Rockledge, Cocoa, or any city located within Brevard county, give Express Roll Off a call 321-253-1080.
Renting a concrete roll off dumpster is similar to renting other bins, but there are several factors that affect a concrete dumpster's cost. These factors include: the size of the container, the weight of the concrete, where you're located, and the disposal fees in your area all play important roles, when receiving a quote.
Before making an educated decision on your roll off rental, here are a few things to consider when renting a dumpster for concrete...
Concrete takes up less space, but is extremely dense (heavy).
A 15 yard dumpster (filled 3/4 full) is typically big enough for disposing of debris from a concrete slab, driveway, or patio, but it's always best to double check with our dispatch experts at Express Roll Off. Concrete is a low volume debris, but it weighs a lot (which is why the 15 yard dumpster should only be filled 3/4 full).
When calling our dispatch team at Express, be sure to give us as many details as you possibly can about the job you're doing. 321-253-1080 This will best assist them in providing you or your company with an accurate estimate, and will help ensure you choose the best dumpster based on the amount of concrete you need removed.

Cheap Dumpster Rental Isn't What You Bargained For

Cheap Dumpster Rental or So You Thought

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If you're looking for cheap dumpster rental, you're price shopping the competition.  We understand no one wants to overpay for debris removal.  However, there are a few things to understand when renting a dumpster.  Timeliness, bottom line pricing, service standards, and safety record of a potential roll off dumpster rental service all all factors to consider.  


Is a potential savings of $25 - $40 going to be your bottom line determining factor when hiring a roll off dumpster company?  What happens when they don't show up when they originally claimed they would?  Over-promising is a sales tactic often used to close a deal.  The tactic has good intentions behind it, but usually ends up disappointing the consumer (AKA: You).  Express Roll-Off believes in quoting realistic time frames when it comes to the delivery and pick up of your roll off dumpster. Our goal is not to over-promise and under-deliver, but to exceed your service expectations.  Afterall, we wouldn't be in business if it weren't for you.

Size Matters - Dumpster Dimensions

Size Matters When Renting Dumpsters

10 yard dumpster is only 4 yards larger than this

Size truly matters when it comes to renting a roll off dumpster.  Many times we think of our wallet first when it comes to paying for something temporary like dumpster rental.  Afterall, it's just a container that you're going to use for trash disposal.  But smaller, doesn't always end up being cheaper.

The dumpster to the left isn't a roll off dumpster, it is however roughly 4-6 yards.  The smallest size roll off we rent at Express is 10 yards.  Does double this size look like it will hold all of the debris you have? If it doesn't you're better off renting our most popular size - our 15 yard dumpster.  It just might save you over $150!  We'll get to that in a minute....

Sometimes smaller is cheaper when it comes to size.  This applies when you're ordering food in a restaurant for instance.   The 6oz steak is cheaper than the 8 oz cut.  A 10 yard dumpster is our least expensive dumpster, provided you can fit all of your debris inside of it without going over the fill line.  And if you can manage to do so, that's great! 

But usually we have a tendency to underestimate the amount of garbage we really have.  This is where the savings comes in... 


Waste Management's Dumpster Rental Prices Cost More than Express

Waste Management Dumpster Rental Prices Cost More Than Express

blog1 Waste Management Roll Off Dumpster Prices

Waste Management (WM) offers the following dumpster sizes in most markets : 20, 30, and 40 yard rolling dumpsters. The 20 yard dumpster is most frequently rented and is the smallest size they offer for temporary roll-off dumpsters. The average cost to rent a dumpster from Waste Management nationwide is $654.

Waste Management's Dumpster Prices vs. Local Dumpster Carriers

We compared 20 yard dumpster rental prices through WM to prices from smaller, locally owned and operated haulers in Brevard County Florida. We found that renting dumpsters from local roll off providers is more than $200 cheaper.