Express Roll Off Dumpsters in Melbourne, FL is Awarded Best in Garbage Removal and Containers

Express Roll Off Dumpsters of Melbourne, FL Awarded Best in Trash Removal 2017

best in garbage removal & container rental melbourne fl

Express Roll Off has proudly received the award for best in Rubbish & Garbage Removal & Containers in Melbourne, Florida.  Express has consecutively won this award for the past three years in a row.  You may be thinking running a roll off dumpster business can’t be that stressful, so what’s the big deal!?

We at Express, enjoy what what do, and take tremendous pride in servicing our customers (both homeowners and contractors) the very best we can.  However, the dumpster service business can be challenging.  It’s not at all what you’re imagining - sitting back and taking sales calls from renters, scheduling, dropping off and picking up roll offs.  Some of the factors that make the roll off dumpster business trying are:  weather factors, equipment maintanance, scheduling challenges, and the hauling capacities of different trucks.

The hurricanes  - As we all are aware of, Brevard County Florida has experienced two category 3 hurricanes consecutively in both 2016 and 2017.  Both Matthew and Irma posed different challenges.  Express had many dumpster pick ups to do before both hurricanes, since people were panicking about the possibility of loose debris flying around their properties.  Express raced to pick up and store as many roll offs as we could before each of the hurricanes.  After the storms were over, we raced to deliver as quickly as we possibly could.  Our dumpsters were in such demand after Irma especially, that we actually had other carriers from out of state wanting to purchase our containers for three times more than they cost.  We of course did not sell them, since we have a business to run, but the demand of cleanup in various parts of the nation (not including the Caribbean islands) was that high.

Dispatching -They all want it now - like pizza delivery on Super Bowl Sunday… This brings us to the next challenge, which is dispatching. Dispatching can be tricky with a county like Brevard County, Florida that is seventy-two miles long (or 1557 square miles).  Our dispatch center does the absolute best job they can when they give customers a realistic time frame for dumpster deliveries.  We don’t believe in “over-promising”; but in exceeding our customers’s expectations.  We’ve grown to realize that although we aim to please all the people all of the time, we simply can’t.  Express Roll Off is fair with our rental process.  We service our deliveries in the order they were placed, and if it’s geographically possible we squeeze people into our schedule.  This can be especially difficult, because we do not want to turn away potential business, yet we can’t harm our reputation with the service we provide either.

Different roll off trucks have different capacities.  The majority of our fleet of trucks can handle the most popular sized dumpsters like the 15 yard bins, and the 10 cubic yard cans (this depends on the weight they are hauling - which relates to the axle capacity of the truck and roll off trailer).  We cannot send our dual axle heavy hauler truck for instance into a tight, residential neighborhood for instance or we would be knocking out some mailboxes.  Similarly, we cannot send one of our single axle trucks to do heavy hauls - like concrete tear outs for a paver driveway.  So the trucks we send out have to correspond to the load they’re hauling, and the physical location the property is located at.

Sizes of roll offs - Many times residential renters underestimate the amount of debris they actually have.  This usually causes them to rent the smallest size container we offer (a 10 yard dumpster).  Dispatch will advise them for instance to rent the 15 yard dumpster for $1.79/more per day (based on the 2 week rental term) instead of a 10 yard bin.  Sometimes the customer listens, sometimes they don’t and end up needing a ‘dumpster return’ or a ‘dumpster switch out’.   In both cases, the roll off gets picked up and the customer is brought another, but they ended up paying for two rentals instead of one.  If the correct size were rented, the customer could have potentially saved $175.

Load Contents - Depending on what the renter is disposing of, Brevard has two landfill locations - Cocoa and Sarno.  The Cocoa dump takes pressure treated wood loads, loads with food trash, and regular loads.  The Sarno dump in Melbourne, is more of a transfer station and only takes standard C&D (construction and demolition debris), landscape debris (if not mixed with C&D - otherwise a dump bill of $41/ton is imposed), and Home clean out loads.  Sarno is conveniently located in the center of the county, whereas Cocoa is situated in the north-end of Brevard county.  Cocoa is also where all of the residential food trash is taken along with treated human waste.  Aside from it’s inconvenient location, it’s not the landfill we prefer dumping at.

Educating the customer - Many times residents have never rented a roll off before and don’t know what they can and cannot dump, what qualifies as a mixed load, what size they need, etc.  At Express we do our best in educating the customer and walking them through the entire rental procedure.  We understand most people want the best deal, fastest service, and may never need to rent a dumpster again in their lives.  We enjoy what we do and we try to make our dumpster rental process painless and affordable every time.  This can be challenging with municipal rules such as ‘mixed load’ fees (mentioned above- where vegetative debris is mixed in with other loads- it is fine if that’s all you’re disposing of however).  The local landfill mulches tree branches, sod, leaves, etc.  The landfill cannot do this as easily if they have to manually separate the mixed loads.

Equipment Maintenance - Express deals in heavy equipment.  The roll off trucks have a 30,000 pound to 60,000 pound hauling capacity.  All of this is powered by hydraulic cables.  We also have large commercial sized tires, tarps, and of course the roll off containers to grease and maintain.  We at Express are blessed to have a talented diesel mechanic in our corner.  We also have a welder, painter, and fuel service.  Maintaining our fleet of roll off trucks and dumpster containers is a full-time task.  If this were let go, our equipment would not be in proper working condition and could possibly cause a safety issue.

We at Express Roll Off Dumpsters, appreciate the patronage and support we’ve been given by Brevard County residents and business owners alike.  We strive to give the absolute best prices and service to each and every client.  The waste industry does have its challenges; which is why we’re so thankful for having received the award for: “Best in Rubbish & Garbage Removal & Containers” in Melbourne for the third consecutive year.  If you need to rent a trash dumpster today and you’re located within any city in Brevard County Florida, call Express Roll Off Dumpsters at 321-253-1080. We service Palm Bay, Melbourne, Titusville, Merritt Island, Rockledge, Viera, Subtree, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Indian Harbor Beach, Indialantic, Melbourne Beach, Grant, Malabar, Port Saint John, Sebastian, and more.


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