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Friday, 01 December 2017 17:36

Still Waiting For Homeowner's Insurance Claim to be Answered After Irma - Brevard County, FL?

Written by Carrie Bierman - Express Roll-Off
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43% in Brevard County Fl Still Awaiting Insurance Claim Settlement

blue tarped roof after irma

Only 40% of hurricane Irma insurance claims were settled in Brevard county in late October, leaving 60% of of those who filed still waiting to settle their claims.  Brevard County officials reported earlier in the month of October, that over 35,000 claims has been filed in Brevard and the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) said over 21,000 remain open (as of late October).  When speaking with family members, coworkers, and friends thier accounts proably support the statement.  To date: (Deceber 1, 2017) roughly 43% of the insurance claims still remain unsettled.  When speaking to my in-laws during Thanksgiving (both living in Rockledge) both my sister-in-law and mother-in-law filed claims just after the hurricane, neither one has had their claim settled yet.  My mother-in-law said the companies told her they're trying to take care of claims with the worst damage first.  Molly, my mother-in-law, told me she had a tarp over part of their roof and were waiting to have an entire re-roof.  The insurance companies are catering to the more severe cases (from what she told me) like residences that lost their entire roof and can't simply tarp the partially damaged area. 

Hurricane Matthew had less than half of the claims Irma had (roughly 16,000) and 91% had been settled towards late October.   Irma's damage was much more widespread which probably has an impact in the companies assessing the damage and processing all of the claims in a timely fashion.  

 The counties in Florida affected by Irma in addition to Brevard are:  Saminole, Orange, Volusia, Indian River, and Lee. They have experience roughly the same percentage (overall on average) as we have in Brevard with percentage settled.  Over 7000 businesses and homes were damaged by Irma's heavy rains, strong winds, and tornadoes in September, compared with 1651 residences and busiensses damaged by Matthew the yeaer before.  Once local attorney gives advice to keep calling your insurance company and follow up on the status of the claim vigilantly.  If you further information on FEMA assistance, insurance contact information, legal assistance, consumer tips, and much more, visit the hurricane Irma disaster resources and information web site.  Once your claim is underway be sure to give Express Roll-Off a call if your contractor doesn't already work with a dumpster carrier.  Our prices and service have remained the same after the hurricane as they were prior to the damage.  321-253-1080  Thank you for reading, (as always).  Hang in there!