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Rent Dumpsters In Palm Bay

Written by Carrie Bierman - Express Roll Off
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Dumpster Rental in Palm Bay Fl at Express Roll Off

dumpster rental palm bay fl

Why rent dumpsters in Palm Bay from Express Roll Off Dumpsters?  Express Rolloff Dumpsters is one of the City of Palm Bay Approved Private Roll Off Container providers for Construction & Demolition Debris Collection Haulers in Palm Bay (listed under this tab on Palm Bay's City Web page.  Palm Bay is one of the fastest growing cities in Brevard County, Florida.  Palm Bay even made it on Forbes's top 25 fastest growing cities in the United States list in 2016.  What does this mean for you?


If you're a developer, you're busy erecting commercial buildings for Palm Bay's rapid boom.  If you're an investor, you're scouring the MLS to find a potential property in Palm Bay to flip or rent out and add to your real estate holdings portfolio.  And if you're a contractor, you're probably renovating the residential investment property mentioned above, or working on the real estate developer's project.  What do all three of the above scenarios have in common (aside from potentially resulting in financial gains)?  Each will need a roll off dumpster in Palm Bay, at some point, in order to accomplish their goals.   


In Palm Bay, whether you're located in NE Palm Bay, SW Palm Bay, south Palm Bay, Bayside Lakes, or you're centrally located- you can rent a roll off dumpster in Palm Bay, Florida for less at Express.  The roll off rental prices and terms we offer at Express can't be beat.  Express has four rolloff dumpster sizes to fit any caliber project you may have.  Express Roll Off offers: 10, 15, 20, and 30 yard dumpsters - which suit both home owners and contractors alike.


If you have a small DIY (do-it-yourself) project, such as a shed clean out, or a one car garage junk removal goal, a 10 yard dumpster is the ideal size for you to rent.  The 10 yard dumpster fits three times more debris than one canvas bag dumpster, and only costs roughly $20 more.  Steel dumpsters leave less of a mess behind than a bag dumpster constructed of canvas.  And you will not need to lift and carry your debris curb side, like you would be required to do with the canvas dumpster (it must be picked up by the handles and loaded onto WM's truck with a hook).  If you have a somewhat long driveway, moving the canvas dumpster yourself, from your garage for example (once filled) can be an inconvenient task.  


A 15 cubic yard roll off dumpster is the ideal size to rent for mid-sized projects, such as: remodels, roofing jobs, two-car garage clean outs, furniture removal, and more.  The 15 yard dumpster is by far the most popular sized dumpster we rent to both contractors and and homeowners alike.


Our 20 yard dumpster is intended for larger scale projects and most often is rented by construction crews (or for home use if there is a significant amount of debris to dispose of).  Please note, if you intend to rent the 20 yard roll off dumpster, you must have room in your driveway, condo, or other property type to accomodate the length of this size roll off.


 Lastly, the 30 yard dumpster (the largest size we offer), is primarily used at job sites where demolition, larger scale renovation, and/or commercial/industrial developments are taking place.  This size is rarely rented by the average person, unless they're embarking on a large-scale clean up or major remodel.


Whether you're relocating, developing, or settling into a home in Palm Bay, consider Express Roll Off, for your waste container needs.  Our dumpster rental prices start at a low rate of $14/day, for a two-week rental term.  Our rental duration is 4-9 days longer than our competition's.  If you're finished filling the roll off sooner than the allotted 14 days, no problem.  Just give us a call and let us know that you're finished with the dumpster and we'll pick it up in 1-2 days.  We don't want you stuck looking at unsightly debris.


Your Express roll off dumpster service includes free delivery and pick up with your rental (and usually there are no additional dump charges or fees).  Our dumpster service rental agreement thoroughly states our policies and charges upfont, in order to make your rental experience easy and less costly.


At Express, our friendly staff members are here to help you choose the container size that will work best for your particular disposal needs.  We walk you through every step of the dumpster rental process, so you're not left guessing what you can and cannot dump.  Express Roll Off is a locally owned and operated dumpster company, that not only charges $100 - $150 less than other dumpster rental service providers, but we also provide you with the service standards you deserve.  Here at Express, we won't allow you to pay more for renting roll offs; only to receive less.  So, what's the delay?  Pick up the phone and give Express dumpsters a call for your roll off rental today 321-253-1080 and be debris-free in Palm Bay.

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Awared Best in Melbourne for Rubbish Removal, Garbage & Containers 3 years in a row (2015, 2016, 2017)
  • Same Day Service Available
  • Volume discounts for contractors
  • Provides service to all of Brevard County, FL
  • Roll Off container Doors that swing open for easy loading
  • Open M-F 7-7:30 & Saturday 9-5
  • Veteran Owned Business
  • Roll Off Sizes 10,15, 20, & 30 Yard dumpsters
  • 2 week rental period
  • No add-on charges - we provide a rental agreement
  • Fast, friendly Express service
  • Express Roll Off respects you & your property
  • All drivers are background checked and have impeccable safety records




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    When you need a dumpster rental in Palm Bay, Florida, it can be a pain to find a good company. There are some things you should know before renting. First of all - size. You need to decide how big your roll off needs to be and then get the right size for you. If it's too big, then there is no reason to rent one that is too big for what you need because you will end up paying more money for more space that you don't need. The same thing applies if the rental container is too small - it will fill up fast and not do the job that it needs to do effectively. The next thing is cost - many people think that dumpsters are free but they are not! You have to pay money in order to rent them. Dumpsters for rent in Palm Bay Fl is provided by Express Roll Off Dumpsters as the leading provider of roll off dumpster services in Brevard County Florida. They have a wide variety of dumpsters and rental terms for both residential and commercial use.  Call Express Roll Off Dumpsters today at 321-253-1080  for your free quote.

    Dumpster Rental Palm Bay Florida

    Dumpster rental is a cost effective solution for businesses and homeowners to get rid of their junk. It is also a safe way of disposing hazardous materials. There are some things that you should know before hiring a dumpster company that can help you decide which one to go with. - Know the size of the waste container that you need, some are small enough for just one room, while others are big enough to clean your whole property - Know what size of dumpsters you can fit on your driveway or in your parking space. If they are too large it might be difficult getting the roll off where you need it - Find out how long it will take before they haul away your waste container - some companies have a faster turn around time than others — Dumpster rental is the process of renting a roll off for a specified period. This can be done for different reasons such as construction, renovation or cleaning. The process involves renting the roll off, transporting it to the desired location, and emptying it once it has been filled. It is important to ensure that the trash does not exceed the weight capacity and that you are able to transport and empty it in an efficient way. — The relevance of a roll off rental is not lost on the residents of Palm Bay, Florida. In fact, there is a lot that you can do with a roll off container rental Palm Bay Fl - Express Roll Off Dumpsters Brevard County Florida. It makes sense to rent a roll off if you have an event near your home, remodeling or just moving in or out of your house. You might also decide to rent a dumpster if you need space for extra storage that isn't in your house. In addition to being useful for all these reasons, renting a dumpster from Express Roll Off Dumpsters Brevard County Florida can be very affordable and convenient! Dumpster rental prices can range from $175 to $550 for a dumpster. We at Express Roll Off Dumpsters Brevard County Florida offer the best prices and service in Florida. We also offer convenience customer support hours of operation and free delivery at no additional charge. We provide the best dumpster rental service in Palm Bay Fl and Brevard County Florida and we provide the most competitive prices available! Dumpsters are just one of the many ways that you can get rid of your junk. This article covers what roll off dumpsters are, how they work, and their various uses. What is a Dumpster? A dumpster is a large container that holds junk or trash.